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          About Autai
          Customer first , Honesty first

          Jiujiang Autai Rubber and Plastic co., Ltd. Is a collection research and development, production, sales in one, professional innovative, high-tech environmental protection and energy saving of the new material production enterprises: PTFE, POM, Nylon, HDPE, UHMW, PP, Bakelite.

          • Autai Company Registered Capital: 1,800,000 USD
          • Autai Company Registration Code: 91360423698489337T
          • Autai won"2017 WuNing County Export Advanced Unit"

          Autai Company Registered Capital: 1,800,000 USD
          Autai Compnay Registration Code: 91360423698489337T

          Our Products

          Corner Of Workshop

          At present, the factory has more than 10 domestic advanced twin-screw extruder production line, annual production capacity of 20000 tons.
          Contact Us
          CONTACT US

          Autai Company currently has 24 automated production lines, 5000 tons of hydraulic press. We have been building out of the engineering plastics extrusion molding of leading enterprises as the goal.




          +86-792-2830880, 2830660
          +86-792-2830770, 2830990
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